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Upcoming Meetings

Our technical meetings are nearly always held the last Thursday of every month, from 7pm-9pm. We would prefer to be in the back room of Mister Tramps, but the worsening Covid-19 situation has moved us back to virtual. To learn the meeting invite codes, ask around on Discord, IRC, or Slack.

This year, no changes to this schedule are expected, oddly, though note that November's meeting is directly on U.S. Thanksgiving.

Since in person meetings depend on city infection levels, our Twitter page may have more up-to-date information on meeting statuses.

When physical meetings resume, the following is useful information:

To access this room enter through the front of Tramps and head straight towards the back. Either the huge sliding door will be open (you arrived early) or it will be closed (do not open it). To the left of the huge sliding door is a small door leading to the bathrooms. Through the door and down the hall on your right is the door to the meeting room. This is the only door you should use. DO NOT use the service entrance to the left of the bar. See the Mister Tramps site for details on the venue. Here’s a map. The bistro is on the northbound side of 183-N, between Lamar and Burnet.

Food and drinks will still be permissible at the meeting, provided you purchase said food and drinks from Mister Tramps.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

NOTE: Our parking situation has changed. If you do not follow these guidelines you WILL be towed. Your choices for parking are infront of Mr. Tramps, in front of the Furniture store (NOT the side), or in the Target parking lot. Do NOT park at the L-shaped strip mall behind Mr. Tramps. Use the image for a reference. Tramps Parking Lot Map Click image for larger view
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