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There are five basic rules of AHA.

  1. What happens at AHA, stays at AHA.
  2. There is no recording or filming allowed.
  3. You must participate to remain a member.
  4. Keep your talk under 10 mins. Introductory talks (noob talks) should be very short.
  5. Pitching product/company or recruiting for headcount? YOU MUST BUY A ROUND FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP.

1) Do not discuss presentations or conversations at AHA outside of the meeting, with anyone. Examples would include discussing presentations with a journalist, with your boss, or with a representative of a relevant vendor. Any confirmed leaks will result in a lifetime ban from all future AHA meetings.

2) We do not allow recording of audio, video or photography at our meetings. Much of our research is pre-con and early demos of work that will be shown at larger conferences. Our presenters expect to be able to share material with us in a safe manner that allows feedback and fostering of new ideas. You will be ejected from the meeting location if you violate this rule.

3) Participation is defined in the about us section. It is required to remain an active member and attending meetings, remain on IRC, and the rest of our services.

4) We HATE long talks. The beauty of AHA is that if you don’t like or don’t know the content of a talk, wait 5-10 minutes for the next one. IF YOU PLAN TO SPEAK LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES you must notify the person maintaining the list at the BEGINNING of the meeting. You will be requested to speak last. If you go over, expect to be heckled and interrupted until you stop talking. If you must exceed 10 minutes, it better be damn worth it.

5) If you plan to pitch your commercial product, recruit for your company, or make any kind of pitches for commercial gain YOU ARE REQUIRED to discuss with the bar staff first that you will be buying a single round of alcohol for anyone at AHA who wishes to take of your offer. The moment you get up and start your pitch, you better make it clear you’ve already coordinated this with the staff or prepare to be thrown out.

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